sunrise at the peak of mount kinabalu

Mount Kinabalu is the fourth highest mountain in the world. i was so thankful that I got the chance to climb it. This is my first expeditions after my 24 year old even though I was a local.

I still satistify the result despite the lack of essential equipment. it is a remote shutter!!. tripod used during this process.option available is to use continuous shot.

hope that in this year there is provision to climb back and take a better shot.


sunrise at mengkabong river

another time lapse project of mine. mengkabong river located at tuaran, sabah, with mount kinabalu as a background. even it very short, but hope you enjoy it. more will come.

this short video time lapse combined by around 460 continous shoot. im using adobe photoshop CS 6 to transform it to video. thanks to the make it easier.

the critical tool to shoot for time lapse is a sturdy tripod, timer remote shutter. (im using YongNuo TC-80).