Photo of The Day : Leaving The Jetty

Photo of The Day : Leaving The Jetty

when the sun start to rise, all the fisherman going out to do they daily routine. in here the fisherman boat leaving the jetty to get work.

this location was at Mengkabong River, Tuaran, Sabah.




This is the location of my habit to take a picture because it’s close and I’m quite familiar with this place.

This picture is my attempt to create HDR images.
This picture is a combination of three different exposure and merged using adobe photoshop cs 6.

equipment that is needed is a tripod and a remote trigger.
tripod is needed in order not to change the composition of the picture and the remote trigger to avoid shaking.

down the mountain

down the mountain

two kinabalu mountain climbers going down while enjoying the vast views. I got a chance to record that moment. do chek my time lapse for sunrise at the peak of gunung kinabalu..unfortunately, i dont have the remote shutter, so i the picture may not satistified. but anyway, enjoyed it and critic and comment are most welcomed..thank’s.