flying high

flying high

this image was create with smoke and this is my first trial. i use one flashlight and one flash. the work must be done in a dark room, otherwise, the smoke does’nt appear. the backround must be dark too. i use the lightroom to change the temperature and the filter to get the colour i want. i dont have the flash trigger, so i use the flash setting to commander mode, and the flash to slave mode, the problem accur when your use this kind of method is the built in flash must on. that will make the smoke does’nt appear because the light from built in flash direct to the subject. to solve this problem, i use a bunch of paper to cover the built in flash in half so the second flash can be activated. usually the flash detect the light from the built in flash so it can be activated..
this in my method,but it can be improve…
sorry for the bad grammar of my english…hope this short note can be useful to you all…
comment and critic are most welcomed…thanks..


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