sunset in ODEC, UMS


Smoke Photography : second Project


This is my second project with respect to taking pictures of smoke. in my previous post, I did not say the things that I used during this filming process. among the items that I use is:
1. D90 Camera
2. mosquito coils (available in supermarket stores)
3. flash
4. flashlight (due to lack of flash)
5. black cloth (as a background)
6. tripod.
7. shutter remote
8. dark room.
9. table

ok .. now I will try to explain how the process of taking pictures of this smoke.  the steps is, light the mosquito coils and place it on the table. do not forget to use mosquito hanger as security.
position of the subject (smoke) is about one-half feet from the subject. put your camera in front of the subject dealing with the subject. put the flashlight and flash left and right side of the subject. make sure the flashlight spot on the subject.
due to lack of budget, can not buy a flash trigger   hehehe…, I had to use the commander mode settings on the camera and set the flash settings on the slave. if using the commander mode settings, built-in flash will pop up. we do not want the light directly on the subject in person. therefore, I close the built-in flash with thick paper.
however, if we close the completely built in flash, the light of which will not be on the flash, because the slave setting, the flash will light if the light from the built-in flash is detected by it. therefore, the light from the built-in flash close enough not to be on the subject but still be on the flash.

there is another problem, which was between flash, if the flash on a dark background, which was between the fabric, the fabric would seem, therefore, take a box or anything stable material and can stand, approximately the height of 20 cm X 10 cm to protect the flash of light on the background but still be able to illuminate the subject.
in dark conditions, the camera is difficult to focus on the subject. therefore, we can overcome it by taking any object such as a pen. put the pen on the subject, which was on the smoke, with the settings to auto-focus camera, and the camera focus on the pen. after that, change the camera settings to manual focus.
do not forget to adjust the white balance and change the file format to raw, but the picture format is appropriate and comfort. but I recommend raw file format or raw + jpeg.
setting I use is f14, 1/100 sec and iso 800. but you can experiment with the settings. The setting depends on the available light. These are some pictures that could at the time. in this case, good luck may be a little influence. best of luck. tips: you can make a little whiff of smoke to produce a variety of patterns and shapes. you will find something new and exciting!!!!